Dry (E-file) manicure

Signature service is a high-quality electronic dry manicure. Performing this procedure requires skillful use of electronics. Our comprehensive service includes precise nail modeling, gentle cuticle cleaning, and the structured application of strengthening products to revive and fortify your nails. This allows you to maintain the desired nail length, enjoy a beautiful manicure lasting up to 4 weeks or more, and witness the natural growth of your nails.

Your hands will appear stylish and elegant, as you achieve and maintain the length you’ve always wanted. While we also provide extension services for a faster transformation, our primary goal is to enhance and beautify the natural look of your nails.

With our professional assistance, you can achieve just that.

Smart pedicure

Our intelligent service combines multiple techniques. We begin the treatment with the dry technique to treat and prepare the nails, where we smooth the cuticles and remove dead skin. Then we immerse the feet in water to begin to gently exfoliate the heels and the rest of the dry areas of the feet; We make sure each nail is perfectly shaped and has smooth edges before applying the product. All tools used are properly sterilized.