Master class E-file/Dry Manicure (e-file technique + combined) 4 days

In this 4-day course, you will master the art of performing a flawless manicure using an electronic device. During the course, you will learn two techniques for processing the cuticles.

Who is this course for?

  • Beginners who are new to the practice of E-file and combined techniques for manicures.
  • Experienced nail technicians who are proficient in classical styles but have no prior experience with E-File.
  • Owners of nail salons or beauty salons seeking to expand their team’s skills and services.

Additionally, the course welcomes anyone eager to start or enhance their skills in the nail industry. Whether you aim to work in a nail salon or provide mobile services, this comprehensive course will equip you with the necessary knowledge to become an outstanding nail technician.

General objetives
Safer removal of old gel color with Efile.
2. Filing (Checklist; filing suggestion).
3. Correct selection of cutters and cutting tools. (Cutters);
4. Explanation and sequence for the realization of a manicure (Harware + combined);
5. Different flawless foundation application options;
6. How to apply foundation with color
7. Alignment of the nail plate.
8. Solid color enamel application;How to make Majesty French (tricks and tips);
9. Make WOW photos for your portfolio;
10. Disinfection process.

Every day we will revisit and review these objectives to ensure your progress. However, each day is uniquely designed with specific objectives


  • transparent base,
  • base with color,
  • First,
  • top coat,
  • white gel,
  • Pusher,
  • cuticle scissors,
  • Nail burr: flame, pear or ball, ceramic.
  • fine brush

In addition, at the end of the course you will get

  • study guide
  • (Exclusive visual material)


The duration of the course will depend on the time it takes us to execute the process with the model. The course will be held from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.



This program is specifically tailored for experienced professionals who aspire to elevate their skills to the next level. While practice certainly contributes to perfection, the true key to excellence lies in knowledge. Each day of this course will offer valuable insights, enabling you to continuously improve and grow both personally and economically within this profession.

Even with prior knowledge, learning and sharpening your skills on a daily basis will help you stay at the cutting edge of this demanding technique.

The beauty of this course is that we will focus on the areas where you feel the weakest, allowing us to provide detailed emphasis and further enhance the personalized learning experience. Rest assured, while adapting the course to your needs, we will not compromise on the integrity of the overall designed program.

Who is this course for?

  • Russian manicure professionals looking to expand and improve their skills. (Required 6 months of experience as Nails Tech.)
  • Owners of Nails salon / Beauty salons.
  • Who wants to raise the quality of their services.


1. You will improve and expand your knowledge in the two methods of cuticle processing: machine and scissors.
2. We will review the Step by Step on both techniques, and the algorithm to remove color.
3. How to solve curved nails on the free edge.
4. We will analyze the errors when working with the nail sinus.
5. Clear understanding of nail and cuticle preparation.
6. How to work with wet skin
7. Work scheme for each of the cutters.
8. Scheme of work with manicure scissors.
9. Why does the cuticle lie down and why is it not cut?
10. How to create “PHOTOSHOP” effect.
11. Filing: Square, Smooth Square, Almond, Round, Stiletto.
12. Conditions for performing each of the indicated filing operations.
13. How to align and when to strengthen the nail plate
14. What materials can we use to strengthen nails and how can we do it?
15. How to correctly repair cracked nails on the free edge and in the nail bed.
16. How to build a nail in those cases when it is necessary.
17. How to prevent gel lifting.
18. Cuticle coating.
19. Diagrams and illustrations that will make your work more efficient every day.
20. Theoretical block in each step to be carried out.

BONUS: Each student will receive individualized attention, enabling them to master express design techniques such as stickers and stamping. Additionally, you will learn to create and edit incredible photos.

Support guide

The duration of the course will depend on the time it takes us to execute the process with the model. The course will be held from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.


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