About us

What is Nail Box Rebeca Studio?

Do you want a perfect manicure? that lasts longer? and receive compliments on your nails after three weeks of your service? Do you want a WOW effect? You will get these at Nail Box Rebeca Studio. A place inspired by the need to have a unique, sophisticated, high-quality manicure; where creativity, design, quality, and experience speak for themselves.

We are focused on providing services using professional electronic devices and specialized implements, carried out by duly licensed and qualified Master technicians, a determining factor for keeping your nails clean, healthy and beautiful.

What makes us unique?

We invite you to join us at NAIL BOX REBECA and experience an exceptional manicure service with our innovative electronic devices. Discover the perfection of your nails with expert advice, ensuring that you dazzle on every occasion.
Your only job is to reserve; we will take care of the rest